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Robotics and automation were the trends expected in the electrical and electronics industry. Many industries are using these technologies on a larger scale to bring efficiency and increase productivity in their production cycles. But are these two trends enough for them? Increasing awareness of the effect of fossil fuel depletion, increasing CO2 emissions, and particulate matter, and pollution are some of the key factors making an impact on the growth of the electronics industry. Government authorities around the world are now pushing diverse economies to adapt renewable energy mediums and this buzz is welcomed by almost every industrial and residential industry today. Applications with IoT enabled and AI-driven technologies are increasing their foot stamp in the electrical and electronics industry. Also, a new wave of opportunity is increasing in this industry as rapid commercialization of AR/VR in this industry is seen on a high level. 5G, next-generation communication technology is bringing new paradigms in integrated chips evolution. However, there will be a high demand for security for this industry as counter technologies are also on the rise to defeat its success. To cope up with the emerging trends and rapidly changing technologies, the electronics industry is now in need of top-notch research data and statistics. With eSherpa Market Reports, you get a pool of data researched and accumulated by industry professionals and highly knowledgeable research personnel. To get the best in class industry updates, numbers and statistics, discover the reports present on our platform.

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